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how to use visual language  


InnerVoice’s Visual Language is a unique tool that helps people with autism learn the words that describe their homes, schools, and communities. Using Microsoft’s Azure AI technology, Visual Language creates a simple, motivating experience that weaves together key aspects of early language learning: eye gaze, curiosity, attention, speech, language, and imitation. Simply take a picture of something your child is looking at or interested in, which the avatar will label with speech and text, then watch your child imitate what they’ve heard. In no time at all, they can learn words that are motivating and important to them — helping them build a vocabulary that is meaningful, motivating, and personal.

How to use InnerVoice’s Visual Language feature

  1. Tap the “Visual Language” icon at the Menu

  2. Allow InnerVoice to gain access to your device’s camera by selecting “OK” at the prompt.

  3. Take a picture by tapping the Visual Language icon

  4. Your avatar describes what you are looking at — pairing text to speech with the visual world. This feature helps users label items in their environment, and the avatar draws users’ eye gaze to connected speech movements.

how to use chat bot


For a person with disabilities, practicing language and social skills many times comes in the confines of a therapy office or class where it’s rehearsed or prearranged.

While beneficial, progression through a natural setting allows the child to relax more and have fun.

With the InnerVoice communication app, learning to have a conversation has never been more engaging! Simply choose an avatar and watch it come alive in the app. Avatars move, emote and, most importantly, speak!

How to use the InnerVoice Chat Bot

  1. Tap the “Chat” icon at the Menu

  2. Tap the microphone icon

  3. Ask a question or make a comment

  4. The Chat Bot will respond allowing you to practice your conversation skills independently.

The Chat Bot allows the child to practice language skills by asking questions, use their listening and problem-solving skills to respond independently and have fun doing it!

how to edit, move and delete buttons and folders


InnerVoice has 2 preloaded vocabularies for ease of use. You can edit, add or delete buttons and folders to fit the individual’s needs.

Innervoice is customizable; you can create new buttons and edit layouts with ease, using photos, videos, GIFs, or SmartySymbols: the simple button-editing system can add a pre-recorded or text-to-speech label to your buttons.

  1. First, tap and hold the gear icon in the upper right corner.

  2. Tap “App Settings.”

  3. Then select “Edit & Arrange Buttons”

  4. Tap and hold button or folder until it starts to wiggle

  5. Buttons and folders can then be moved by dragging them into the desired location.

  6. You can tap the pencil icon in the upper left of the button/folder to edit or delete.

  7. You can also make changes to label, image, video, GIF, text-to-speech, record or border color.

  8. Tap “Done.” when you are finished or this symbol (“<" VISUAL) to start using InnerVoice

Make it your own.

how to share messages to family and friends


InnerVoice is the first app to allow an avatar to “Share” text to speech messages along with an avatar speaking the message.

You can even share your words with others by making videos of the avatars speaking your message. You can post your thoughts on social media, send a text message it’s up to you!

  1. First you need to create the message you want to share in the yellow speech bar

  2. Then choose an emotion

  3. Tap the Share icon

  4. Confirm that you want to share message

  5. You also need to choose how and who you want to share with

  6. Then Share!

  7. You can return to InnerVoice by tapping the “X” in the upper left corner

  8. Or you choose to share again.

Make it your own.

how to set-up remote prompting


InnerVoice is the first communication app to incorporate remote prompting as a technique to support communication and the acquisition of skills for individuals on the autism spectrum.

Using InnerVoice, prompts are sent via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth from your device to the user’s iPad to ensure they will perform the correct skill and reduce the probability of errors and frustration.

Remote Prompting takes two devices one for the learner and the second for the teacher.

  1. Firstly, Open InnerVoice Sender on the “teacher’s” device

  2. Then Open InnerVoice on the “learner’s” device

  3. Tap and hold the “Settings” icon in the upper right corner of the learner’s device

  4. Choose “Remote Prompting” from the menu

  5. Select devices to connect

  6. Accept request to connect

  7. And finally tap “Done."

You can send any messages from InnerVoice Sender to InnerVoice using buttons, keyboard, favorites or history.

Make it your own.

** to avoid disconnection — set “Auto-Lock,” in the settings of your device, to “Never” while using InnerVoice Sender

how to create new buttons and folders


InnerVoice is a universally designed, easy-to-use, and engaging communication tool that teaches speech, language, and social communication skills to people with autism.

You can add new buttons and folders to the app to make it more engaging. Here is how.

  • First, you tap and hold gear in upper right corner

  • Then Choose “App Settings”

  • Choose “Edit & Arrange Buttons”

  • Tap the “+”

  • Choose to create a “Folder” or “Button”

  • Add a label “What do you want to name your button/Folder”

  • Choose what you want the button to say “What do you want the button to allow your face to say?”

  • Choose a picture, GIF, Video, take a picture/video, or use a symbol.

  • Can choose to record a message in lieu of text to speech

  • Color code your button/folder to help locate build grammar quickly.

  • Done


You can add GIFs from GIPHY, videos, slo-mo and pictures into app and create endless buttons and folders to fit individual needs.


Make it your own

how to create an avatar


InnerVoice combines facial expressions, emotions, tone-of-voice, written words, and actions with speech, providing a complete multi-sensory learning experience for individuals people with autism or who have challenges communicating.


You can choose an avatar from a library of faces, use a photo of your student, or one of their favorite characters, and watch them come alive in the app.

  1. First tap and hold the gear in the upper right corner

  2. Choose “Face and Voice” and then choose a preloaded avatar or “Make Avatar”

  3. Create Avatar by using “Camera” or choose a photo from your “Gallery”

  4. Align the eyes and mouth.

  5. Then select “Done”

  6. Tap the “+” to decorate your avatar

  7. Adjust pitch, rate and mouth movement

  8. And finally tap this button < to start talking.

Make it your own.

InnerVoice Explorer GPT

* subscription to ChatGPT 4 required

universally designed easy-to-use

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